YEAR 5/6

During Term 1 students have been learning to appreciate the Sidney Nolan Gallipoli series as a commemoration of the campaign of 1915. The focus has been on creating a portrait of a soldier in the style of Sidney Nolan, who is well known for his Ned Kelly paintings, but also has a large collection of soldier paintings which are on display at the War Memorial in Canberra. Students have viewed these paintings as well as Nolan’s video on YouTube that commemorates fallen soldiers.

They have created a collection of ‘absolutely fantastic’ Pastel Gallipoli Soldier Portraits that portray the colours, lines and shapes used by Sidney Nolan as well as reflecting the mood of soldiers.

Well done 5/6s.

Work is on display in the gallery outside the art room. Parents please feel welcome to visit and view these works.


DSC07291 DSC07292 DSC07297 DSC07296 DSC07295

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